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- Logarr is a Self-hosted, single-page, log consolidation tool written in PHP


Docker build [DOCKER]

GitHub (pre-)release [DEVELOP]

NOTICE (06 June 18): If updating to version 4.5 from ANY previous version, you will need to re-create your config.php file in the /assets/config/ directory after updating. You can do this by renaming your old config.php file, copying the file config.sample-06jun18.php to config.php, and then edit the newly created config.php file with your values. See the Wiki for more information.


Latest major change (06 June 18 - v4.5): Log rolling tool / Log download tool/ Max line limit

  • Fully self-hosted, no applications to install
  • Live display any .log, .txt, etc. file on the hosting webserver
  • Reverse display of logs / line numbering - most recent log entries are at the top
  • Application update via GUI
  • Consolidated search & highlight function (Updated)
  • Collapsible log tiles with scroll to top feature/auto collapse log display (Updated)
  • Log file size and path display
  • Error term auto-highlighting for quick reference (updated)
  • Localized server DTG display
  • Log auto-update enable/disable switch
  • Ridiculously easy to configure

Features in development:

  • Settings page
  • Custom CSS




1) PHP (7.1+ recommended) 2) PHP ZipArchive

Quick Start:

  • See full configuration instructions in the WiKi: 1) Clone/download repository to your webserver 2) Browse to /logarr/index.php (config.php will be auto populated in /assets/config/config.php) 3) Configure log paths: Edit the file \assets\config\config.php 4) Edit permissions for LOG files so your webserver can display the data 5) Browse to: /logarr/index.php 6) Chill

Feature Requests:

Feature Requests

Current feature requests:

Feature Requests


About Us: